Welcome to Eurowind

Eurowind is a major private wind energy developer based in Edinburgh, Scotland with operations throughout Europe. With our experienced team of professionals, we specialise in the identification, design, planning and development of wind energy projects all the way through to construction and operation.

We are always looking to expand our portfolio of projects and Eurowind is presently involved in developing in excess of 500MW of wind energy. Please see our section marked "Landowners" if you would like to consider joining our expanding group of partners who are planning for the future.

Over more than a decade and through these past projects we like to think we have played a significant role in the development of the global renewable energy market and thus helped to move the sustainable energy debate from the margin to the mainstream.

Corporate History

Throughout its history, Eurowind has constantly evolved: the Company began in 1996 as an exclusive agent in Scandinavia for turbine manufacturer Enercon. This was followed in 1997, by developing and managing wind farms. These ranged from single turbines to wind farms as large as 180MW. In collaboration with the Fred Olson Group,we developed and successfully completed, what was at the time, the world's largest offshore wind farm at Lillgrunden, between Sweden and Denmark. We also did the first commercial wind park in Poland. Eurowind now focuses on developing larger onshore wind farms.